Create a favorable business environment with skilled workers and the infrastructure necessary to compete in a globalized economy

Provide affordable housing in the county working with town governments

Protect a women's RIGHT to choose and continued funding of organizations like Planned Parenthood

Ensure access to quality public education from early childhood through college. Provide free Community College to retrain workers and address the high cost of tuition at UNH

Promote energy efficiency, conservation and clean-energy technologies

Protect the availability of clean, safe air to breathe and water to drink and preserve our environment for future generations

Provide access to affordable, comprehensive health care, expanding Medicaid (a tool in addressing the opioid crisis) and moving to single payer Universal Health Care

Attract young families to support a growing economy, either from other states and territories or from outside the country

Legalize Marijuana and target the revenue the state receives to school funding reducing the burden on property taxes and lowering the cost of higher education

Having some of the better public schools in Carroll 4 we need to keep our schools at this high level

Decriminalize mental illness and addiction, and use that money to provide health services

Voting is a right and responsibility and not a privilege, and that every step should be taken to ensure that all eligible individuals vote in every election

Protect the constitutional rights of all without discrimination.

Provide a living wage to New Hampshire workers – 70 % of jobs in Carroll County are retail or tourism

Support our Veterans – they gave so much to us, we need to support them when they come back from overseas

Work in a bipartisan way to address the issues in Carroll County government